With over 10 years of professional experience, a B.A. in Performance & Music Education, and a M.M. in Musical Composition, Chase can help.


Chase has over 8 years of private teaching experience in trumpet, piano, voice, and composition and has taught ages 5 to 85.


As a professional in the industry, Chase can be hired as a performer, composer, writer, teacher, conductor, director, or recording artist.


Chase has worked as a professor of music, a senior data analyst, and a business owner. He maintains a balanced and professional attitude.


Chase Chandler is an accomplished, award-winning musician who has toured nationally and internationally as a performer. Chase offers a uniquely well-rounded perspective on all things musical due to his accomplishments as a pianist, trumpet player, composer, vocalist and music producer and takes on a great deal of responsibility with any musical undertaking. Feel free to read more about me by visiting my “about me” page!



A few things worth reading.

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Trumpet BLAST!

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As a Composer

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