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Music is literally my life.

When I was 3 years-old, my mother took me to a few piano lessons and I began sitting myself down at the piano. When in 4th grade I was given a choice between instruments, I chose trumpet without question and practiced enough to annoy our neighbors in Santa Cruz, CA. When I moved to San Clemente, CA when I was about 9, I started piano lessons again and started on the Bastein series of method books. In 5th grade, I was accepted into the honor band as 2nd trumpet and in middle school was 1st trumpet from 7th to 8th grade at BAMS.

In high school, I played in concert band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, and jazz band. I began composing trumpet duets to play with my friend and couldn’t help but continue producing/mixing my own tracks in Sony Music Studio, which I had already started doing in middle school. It wasn’t until my time at Saddleback College that I truly began falling in love with music and quickly took up guitar and voice. I took “applied music” (a performance class) for both trumpet and voice, while I pursued popular songwriting outside of school, playing for outside venues and film festivals in the area.

Chase as a trumpet soloist for Bugler’s Holiday at Concordia’s Concert on the Green in 2013

My Bachelors was at Concordia University, Irvine (CUI) where I received multiple scholarships for trumpet, voice, and academics. I was accepted into the opera programs at Chapman University, Boston Conservatory, and Cal State University, Long Beach, but did not have enough to attend these schools financially so I landed a scholarship-heavy performance spot at CUI, a wonderful private school that offered many performance opportunities for me in choirs, bands, orchestra, and jazz combos.


Chase as a vocal soloist at Saddleback’s opera concert in 2012 – CLICK photo for YouTube video!

After my senior vocal recital in 2014 (the first in CUI music program history to receive honors), I took first place at a POSA vocal competition held at Chapman University the next day. I soon found myself leaving behind a teaching credential program at CUI for a Masters program in Music Composition at Cal State University, Fullerton (CSUF).

Chase conducting at SOKA

Chase conducting his own composition, “Set Me Free” in Sunshine International Music Festival at SOKA University in 2015 – CLICK the photo for a YouTube recording!

As I studied in the graduate music composition program at CSUF, I was given lead roles in the opera scenes program and was a graduate assistant for the New Music Festivals. My graduate project was an hour-long opera I entitled, Reverie, which I hope to have performed one day. It was during my last years at CSUF that I founded Newgate Music & Arts: a contemporary concert music ensemble that hosted new music and art events aided by the city of Mission Viejo and the Cultural Arts Committee. Newgate was my 501(c)(3), non-profit organization for two years (2016 to 2018) that grew my musicianship to another level.

Chase Chandler conducting

Chase conducting a Newgate Halloween concert at Mission Viejo’s mortuary in 2016 – CLICK photo for YouTube story!

During my time with Newgate, I improved my conducting, my management style, my composition, my organizational skills, my connections, my ability to time manage, my performance skill, my graphic and website design, and my financial projection ability. I had far too many hats in this company as the Executive Director and eventually closed the company for my sanity. But the experience I gained during those two years (2016-2018) was priceless.


Chase and Newgate Orchestra in 2016 – CLICK photo for YouTube story!

This last year, Fall 2017, I taught as a professor of music theory at Cal State University, Fullerton as I finished my last Newgate concert. As I finished Newgate and left CSUF, I founded a new online business, MusicalGrowth.com, where I research, write, and compose Chakra healing music for companies around the U.S. such as LeilaAmani.com. In Spring 2019, I taught as an Associate Professor of Musicianship at Saddleback Community College and tried my hand at directing a children’s choir at Valencia Elementary from January to June (3rd grade to 6th grade).

For now, I’m preparing for my doctoral application and studying privately with Justin Dello Joio, the faculty composer-in-residence at New York University and Professor of Orchestration at The Julliard School of Music.


I have earned some recognizable (and expensive) pieces of paper (degrees):

  • Master’s in Music Composition at Cal State University, Fullerton (2017)
  • Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance & Music Education at Concordia University, Irvine (2014)
  • Associate’s in Liberal Arts at Saddleback Community College (2012)

The many teachers responsible for shaping my musicianship:

  • Brenda Von Gremp (Piano)
  • Tim Hall (Trumpet)
  • Juanita Brightbill (Piano)
  • Dr. Norm Weston (Music Composition)
  • Pamela Worcester (Piano)
  • Richard Chasin (Trumpet)
  • Dr. Scott Farthing (Voice)
  • Peggy Duquesnel (Jazz Piano)
  • Diane Elias (Voice)
  • Dr. Michael Busch (Choral Conducting)
  • Dr. Jeff Held (Instrumental Conducting)
  • Dr. John Koegel (Musicology)
  • Dr. Ken Walicki (Music Composition)
  • Dr. Justin Dello Joio (Music Composition)
Chase Chandler 2017 Graduation

Chase graduating with his Masters at CSUF in 2017

Other notable accomplishments:

  • 2019: Vienna Summer Music Festival – accepted into a two-week composer program in Vienna, Austria
  • Member of National Music Honor Society, Pi Kappa Lambda, Beta Omega chapter
  • 2016-18: Owned my own non-profit orchestra, Newgate Orchestra, for two years where I managed program development, public events, wrote compositions, rehearsed and conducted the ensemble, while learning entrepreneurship and marketing
  • 2017: Graduate Composition Area Award 2017
  • 2017: composed my own hour-length opera entitled, Reverie (yet to be performed)
  • 2017: Taught music theory and aural skills as an adjunct professor at Cal State University, Fullerton for the fall semester of 2017.
  • 2014: 1st Place, 8th Annual POSA Vocal Competition (Jan. 2014)
  • 2008-09: Principal Trumpet in Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble (2008-09)

Notable moments in my musical career:

  • Self-published an original Pop Album on March 1, 2019 entitled, “Miles & Miles
  • Released a Chakra healing album with original music on Sept. 28, 2019 entitled, “Once Hidden
  • Conducted the contemporary ensemble, Newgate Orchestra, through five successful concerts from 2016 to 2018
  • Completed my first 1-hour opera, “Reverie,” in May 2015
  • Performed religious choral music in the Vatican as one of the first tenors in CUI’s top choral ensemble in 2014
  • Performed lead roles in the full production of L’elisir D’amore (2013) and in scenes of La Cenerentola (2016), Roméo et Juliette (2015), Street Scene (2014), and others
  • Performed the full Arutunian Trumpet Concerto (16min in length) at my Junior Recital at CUI in 2013
  • Performed and continue to perform in many religious services around Southern California (since 2010), including denominations such as Catholicism, Christian Science, Mormonism, Lutheranism, Methodist, and others.


I have taught hundreds of students now and I’ve come across a lot of different types of people. After almost 10 years of teaching privately, every lesson is still unique, challenging and rewarding on a personal level.

So many of the students I receive were previously taught incorrectly by school music teachers or other private teachers, so I have a great responsibility in allowing people to reach their full musical potential after fixing technical issues.

While it seems like everything in music is subjective, I would argue that technique is NOT!


Chase performing for his grandma and family in 2014

Many of these students who come to me after months (if not years) of studying with other teachers end up learning more from me in a much shorter amount of time and walk away feeling FAR more confident after every lesson. I take great pride in this outcome.

“I’ve learned more from you in the last 30-minutes than I learned in the past year from my other teacher” – an adult trumpet student in 2018, who’s name will remain anonymous.

So why do I teach privately? Well, there are SO many teachers out there who teach less correctly and lead students down a path of bad habits that are VERY hard to break. While these habits can be broken with hard work and patience, I’m always so relieved to take on new students without any experience in private lessons so that I can start them out right. But saving students from bad technique is what I live for – so never think it’s too late!


A student recital hosted by Chase

The reason I want to help people is that I feel a great responsibility in correcting other teachers’ mistakes. The love I have for music is all thanks to the many teachers who have inspired me over the years and I live to honor them by teaching others with the same quality and passion. After over 20 years of private instruction for myself (trumpet, piano, composition, etc.), I truly feel a legacy has been handed down to me by my teachers. I have a responsibility to pass this on to my own students!

Considering music lessons?

About 90% of the time, I can improve technical issues on trumpet, voice, and piano in the first few lessons.

Teaching privately is like unravelling a puzzle and figuring out solutions through analytical observation and variable approaches. I have taught tone-deaf people to sing, trumpet players with braces to reach even higher, pianists to find fluidity in their percussive musical language (piano is technically a percussion instrument).

Every student of mine is a different challenge. And I love it. So please consider taking private lessons with me!


The goal of this site is to inform those interested in who I am as a musician and a music advocate.

So. Conveniently, this site has been entitled, “Who is Chase Chandler?,” because that is always the first question. “Who?”


I do not want to come across as a self-indulging musician by writing so much about myself and what I do (unfortunately, in today’s world, a website/portfolio is a MUST). But I have helped many people and can help many more. At the very least, I want to persuade you into considering me as your musician, teacher, composer, and performer. Give me a chance! You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading!


Chase with future-wife at CUI graduation in 2014

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