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I have taught privately for over 8 years now and a bit before that when I was in high school. Private lessons was a major part of my student life since I took lessons for over 10 years growing up (maybe even 15 years, it’s hard to keep track!).

I have taught ages 5 to 85 and have found teaching music privately can sometimes be far more effective than public instruction. Everyone is different and needs attention in certain areas that can’t be handled as carefully in public and sometimes private school. I think you’ll find lessons to be very effective in your or your child’s music education!

It varies. Everyone is different and I tend to personalize my instruction based on how each student reacts to frustration, workload, interests, motivation, and natural skill.

After filling out the questionnaires in this packet, I’ll be able to tailor my teaching to offer the best quality music education I can offer!

      • $35 per 30min lesson
      • $60 per 60min lesson
      • $120 per four 30min lessons (Save $20!)
      • $220 per four 60min lessons (Save $20!)

You can pay me with cash, check, credit/debit, PayPal, or Venmo! Whatever is most convenient for you.

Either 30-min or 60-min.

I usually start with a 30-min lesson. For the most part, 30-min lessons are perfect for ages 5 to 12 or so. Depending on the student and the situation, an hour is necessary. This happens when there is enough material to cover and/or the students concentration level can handle an hour! Adults often book hour lessons to cover more ground.

Advanced lessons, especially vocal lessons, are more than likely an hour. This can always change as we go. I often recommend a change if I feel it necessary and will bring it to your attention.

During my lessons, I will take notes and post them online to be access whenever you’d like 24/7!

Visit the Lesson Notes page and enter in your 10-digit code you previously chose to access your notes!

Of course you can! I welcome parents to come watch and see how I teach. I do recommend allowing your child to decide whether they want instruction by themselves. I do think it’s valuable they understand how to function on their own in a more “stressful” atmosphere like private lessons.

Getting nervous is good in small doses! Though I never truly get scary – I always hated that in my lessons growing up.

Everything is a learning opportunity in my opinion, but of course I respect the parent’s opinion over mine in this case. Let me know what you’d like!


I have my own personal Commercial General Liability insurance as an independent instructor of the arts that applies specifically to my self-proclaimed business conducted at Bertrand’s Music and Horn Improvement.

I’m insured up to $1,000,000.

    1. Education
      1. Master’s in Music Composition at Cal State University, Fullerton (2017)
      2. Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance & Music Education at Concordia University, Irvine (2014)
      3. Associate’s in Liberal Arts at Saddleback Community College (2012)
    2. Private Lesson Education
      1. Brenda Von Gremp (Piano)
      2. Tim Hall (Trumpet)
      3. Juanita Brightbill (Piano)
      4. Dr. Norm Weston (Music Composition)
      5. Pamela Worcester (Piano)
      6. Richard Chasin (Trumpet)
      7. Dr. Scott Farthing (Voice)
      8. Peggy Duquesnel (Jazz Piano)
      9. Diane Elias (Voice)
      10. Dr. Michael Busch (Choral Conducting)
      11. Dr. Jeff Held (Music Program Management)
      12. Dr. John Koegel (Musicology)
      13. Dr. Ken Walicki (Music Composition)
    3. Notable accomplishments
      1. Member of National Music Honor Society, Pi Kappa Lambda, Beta Omega chapter
      2. 2016-18: Owned my own non-profit orchestra, Newgate Orchestra, for two years where I managed program development, public events, wrote compositions, rehearsed and conducted the ensemble, while learning entrepreneurship and marketing
      3. 2017: Graduate Composition Area Award 2017
      4. 2017: composed my own hour-length opera entitled, Reverie (yet to be performed)
      5. 2017: Taught music theory and aural skills as an adjunct professor at Cal State University, Fullerton for the fall semester of 2017.
      6. 2016: Alan Mannason Composition Scholarship
      7. 2014: 1st Place, 8th Annual POSA Vocal Competition (Jan. 2014)
      8. 2008-09: Principal Trumpet in Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble (2008-09)
    4. Notable Performances
      1. 2016-18: Conducted and performed my own compositions for the City of Mission Viejo in 5 separate concert events
      2. 2016: Conducted a 40+ member choir performing my own composition at Soka University for Sunshine Academy’s International Festival
      3. 2015: Toured with CUI’s wind ensemble as co-principal trumpet playing Bb, C, and piccolo trumpet
      4. 2014: Performed religious choral music in the Vatican as a first tenor in CUI’s top choral ensemble in 2014
      5. 2014-16: Performed lead roles in the full production of L’elisir D’amore and in scenes of La Cenerentola, Romeo et Juliette, Street Scene, and others
      6. 2013: Performed the full Arutunian concerto (16min in length) at my Junior Recital at CUI in 2013
      7. 2010-18: Performed in religious services around Southern California since 2010, including denominations such as Catholicism, Christian Science, Mormonism, Lutheranism, Methodist, and others.
      8. 2009: Played the solo in Sketches of Paris as principal trumpet for Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble in Segerstrom Hall, OCPAC

You never have to worry about missing a lesson if you give me a 24 hour notice. You will not be charged for that lesson and I will owe you a “make-up” lesson (which may be scheduled online on another day or carried over to the next month).

When you agree to take lessons, I am committing to hold that space on my calendar for you – something like renting an apartment from a landlord. You occupy that space in my schedule and no one else can. If you don’t show for this scheduled time and don’t give me a 24-hr notice, it doesn’t mean you don’t pay. I’ve already reserved that time and when someone doesn’t show, it is a missed opportunity for me to work. For the vast majority of teachers, teaching is not a hobby, it is the way they support their families. But. With a 24-hr cancellation notice, I can possibly add another student in your time slot or shift my schedule around so as to not waste time in my day.

I will always give you at least a 24-hr notice. If I don’t, I will owe you a free lesson.

I suggest taking at least one to three months in the beginning of music studies in order to properly experience and evaluate the lessons. Parents of beginning students are encouraged to support them by sitting with them during their practice times for the first month or so while they learn to develop good practice habits.

Do not hesitate to ask me anything! I am a very open person and will answer any question you might have.