New Students

I recommend first reviewing the previous “Lessons” page to read up on FAQ’s and more info about myself.

Below, please choose either a 30min lesson or a 60min lesson. You can either pay me in person at the time of the lesson with cash, check, credit/debit, or venmo (pay-in-person) or you can pay online via Stripe (pay-online). As you fill out the submission process, there will be a short info form for my reference.

Once you book the lesson, I will be contacted automatically and will plan to see you at the reserved time you chose! Excited to meet you!


Make-up Lessons

For my current students looking to find a makeup time, please select PAY-IN-PERSON since we have already handled the payment process. If you cannot find a time in the menus below, please contact me for a Monday time slot. Thank you!

Recurring Lessons

After the first few lessons, we will come to an agreement on weekly scheduled lesson times that will repeat so you do not have to go through this process again!

Every student will be encouraged to eventually begin paying for 4 lessons at a time.


  • $35 per 30min lesson
  • $60 per 60min lesson
  • $120 per four 30min lessons (Save $20!)
  • $220 per four 60min lessons (Save $20!)